Friday, July 24, 2009

No, my name is "Daddy."

I've suspected this for some time now, whenever Inen goes on a little daddy-rant. ("Dadadadabwdadandadadada....") I just always thought I was imagining things. But today I know I heard it. We were near the entryway to the house, just at the edge of the living room. Inen wanted to feel the air from the box fan on his face, but also wanted to touch the fan. I repeatedly told him he couldn't and made him keep his distance. At one point he sat himself down a few feet from the fan and, in frustration over his plans being foiled, began to go on a daddy-rant (because his disappointment was all my doing). Well, amidst his repetition of "daddy!" (imagine each consonant being spat out in displeasure, each word given distinct pause) was a very clear "Brandon!"

Shocked, right? Yeah, so was I. Okay, so maybe it was closer to "Bwandah!" But I knew what he was saying. Teenage rebellion at not-yet-11-months. Sheesh.


  1. Hey brandon,

    Charlie calls his dada by Lee everyone in a while. i am waiting for him to say mary instead of MomMom.


  2. haha wow. At least it got your attention.

  3. I feel weird getting really excited about this. Still, I am squeeing.