Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Our little Inen sleeps in a co-sleeper attached to our bed. He sleeps best when he's swaddled up nice and tight. He doesn't like the swaddling too much when he's awake, but that's how he sleeps best.

The other morning Korie heard him making some noises in the co-sleeper. She figured Inen would do what he often does and put himself back to sleep. Korie tried to do likewise (put herself back to sleep) while Inen grunted off and on for about a half hour.

Finally it seemed he wasn't going back to sleep. Korie rolled over to see what Inen was doing, and just laughed. "Brandon! You need to see this. Get the camera!" Our little Houdini could not get free of the swaddling, so he wriggled right out of the neck of his pajamas! He had managed to squirm out to his waist, with his legs and hands still stuck in the swaddle.

I got a picture of him just in time, as moments later he popped out one hand and struck a pose.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Inen frequently licks his bib when he's hungry, when he's drooly, or when he's just spit up (yum). Because of all the bib licking he's done, I've decided that Inen is biblical.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The rest of Inen's first October

More pictures! That's what this is really all about. My mom came out to visit once again, and even Uncle Mark and Aunt Sheri came down too! So little Inen got lots of good quality people time.

And of course we can't forget about his first Halloween! We dressed him up as the very stereotypical but very cute (and affordable) pumpkin. He loved it! (See pic.) We even took him to a genuine, bona fide, honest to gosh Halloween party hosted by our friends Mike and Heather.

Check out the second half of Inen's amazingly stupendous first October below: