Saturday, January 7, 2012


So I realize I still need to post slide shows from September, October, November and December, but until I can get that done I figured I should give a general update:

Inen is getting so big! He has been doing his first year of preschool, and is doing well there. Our most recent developmental milestone has been potty training. He's making real good progress, to the point where he's peeing in the toilet consistently, and pooping in the toilet, um, almost consistently.

Louisa is happy, healthy, and growing so fast. She has been crawling very well. She stands well,too; and on December 31, 2011, she took her first step (from Daddy to Mommy, if I remember correctly). She says a few words like "daddy, mommy, brother, more," and "water." She signs "more, please," and "drink." She's got great rhythm, and loves to clap, dance and sing. On Monday, January 9, Louisa will be 1 year old!

I'm so proud of my kids!
I'll try to post more slide shows and pics soon.