Monday, May 24, 2010

Inen To The Rescue!

This evening I had a bathroom emergency and needed toilet paper. After I called out in distress Korie went to get some, while Inen came to the door to investigate. I told him I needed toilet paper, and to get it for me from Mommy. He left, and Korie came back with a roll. Crisis averted. Meanwhile, Inen asked Korie for the toilet paper. She said she took care of it, but Inen wasn't satisfied. He ran to the other bathroom and was soon back knocking on my bathroom door, having returned to my aid with a wad of TP in hand. It was so sweet! He wanted to personally ensure that I had what I needed. It was just the right amount. My boy is so thoughtful!

(Perhaps this is too much information for some, but Inen made me too proud not to post this. I guess if this kind of thing warrants leaping to my computer to blog, then I should probably get my act together and start posting some of the months of photos and stories that I've backlogged.)