Tuesday, March 10, 2009

February Recap, Part 1: Munchy Baby

I've got a bit of catching up to do for the month of February. The pictures in the February slide show aren't as numerous or as representative of the last month as they could be. Since I managed to take a good amount of video, however, I feel the need to supplement last month's slide show with a few movies. So this is part 1 of a four part series illustrating Inen's first February.

This last month Inen started on solid food! Yay! This is such a fun milestone, and I love feeding this little man. So here for your enjoyment is a (lengthty) video of the first time Inen had solid food. (Just rice cereal, for those who are wondering.)


  1. What I love is that in the first 20 seconds, he seems to be trying to eat your watch.

    I can see the thought process now...
    "I'm too tough for rice cereal, dad...I eat metal for breakfast...HEADBUTT!"