Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Operation NiCE

I love Operation NiCE, and have been following it for some time now, thanks to my incredibly nice friend, Heather España. If you haven't ever taken a look at Operation NiCE, I highly suggest you do. I thought I'd share a couple of of my own nice testimonials to close out the year:

I've always known that I live in a great community, here in this little college town in Oregon. However, becoming a new parent this past August has opened up a whole new vision of just how nice the people in my town are.

My wife is a children's librarian, and one of the patrons she sees (who also goes to our church) knew we were having our first child, a son. She and her husband have 3 boys and a girl, and are finished having kids. Asking my wife if we would like some baby boy clothes, my wife could not say no. We were amazed, however, to be given 3 huge lawn-care bags full of clothes! There were enough clothes to last our baby through 18 months! How generous!

Another instance of the kindness in the community came at our local grocery store. A woman named Tina who works at the U-Scan self-check stands knew that we were having a baby when I came through there one day purchasing diapers. A few weeks later I came in with my boy and she came running out of nowhere with an enthusiastic greeting, eager to meet him. When I had finished shopping (and he had finished napping), my son was feeling fussy (to put it mildly). At the U-Scan Tina came running up again and said, "You take care of baby! I'll bag your groceries for you." It was so sweet!

Talk about a nice community!
Here's to a super-nice 2009!

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