Monday, September 22, 2008

Sound effects run in the family.

Anyone who knows me knows that I tend to add sound effects and background music to just about every task, motion, or conversation. This is unconscious, automatic, and I am pretty sure it's genetic. (My dad does it too.)

My suspicions about its heredity are slowly being confirmed by the already wide array of noises that emanate from Inen. Here is a list of some noises I've observed, in no particular order:

  • grunt (his favorite)
  • squeek
  • squawk
  • coo
  • fart (as in a raspberry... with his mouth – any baby will pass gas)
  • peep
  • hum
  • chirp
  • burp
  • ooh
  • aah
  • oh
  • whine
  • burble
  • cry
  • moan
  • sigh
  • boo-hoo

He actually intones that last one fairly clearly when protruding his lower lip in an almost comical, nearly farcical, manner. It is an uncanny caricature of what a sad baby is supposed to look like. And he's less than 4 weeks old. Call me easily impressed, or a bit crazy, but I think this is an early sign that our son is an evil genius, out to manipulate his parents with his acute cuteness, and an eerie self-awareness of just how cute and pitiful he actually looks when doing this lower-lip-protrusion-boo-hoo routine.

I'm sure there are more noises in his repertoire that I just can't think of at the moment, but boy are they funny and numerous. Almost as funny and numerous as the faces he makes. I'll have to compile a photo collection of those to post later.


  1. PLEASE Post pictures! - Not that I don't live across town and could come see him anytime... but the photo collage could be impressive! Miss you guys! - Tara S.

  2. We are so happy for you guys!
    Leah Rupp